This is Our Union

New York State United Teachers:
dedicated to improving the quality of education in New York State.

Our union represents more than 600,000 professionals who work in, or are retired from, New York’s schools, colleges and health care facilities.

What Our Union Does

Unions Fight for Your rights in the Workplace

We Provide Professional Support

NYSUT offers a wide variety of services to help you grow as a professional and achieve ongoing certification and education requirements.

Professional Development & Learning

We offer a wide variety of affordable, flexible professional learning opportunities for members through the NYSUT Education & Learning Trust. Courses are designed to help our members obtain CTLE hours or take required certification training.

Certification Assistance

New York State teacher certification can be complicated. Thankfully, our union has resources specifically devoted to guiding our members through the certification process.

Unions Fight for Your rights in the Workplace

We Provide Services and Benefits to Save You Money

Discount programs on financial services you need and consumer goods you want.

Student Loan Help

We can help you determine how to most efficiently pay off your student loans. We've also partnered with several organizations to help you reduce your loan debt, pay it off quickly and keep it under control.

Legal and Financial Services

Our union provides members with high-quality, affordable group insurance rates, mortgages and a wide variety of legal services.

Discounts on Shopping, Travel and More

We negotiate competitive group rates on products, services, travel and more.

Unions Fight for Your rights in the Workplace

We Fight for You In the Workplace and Government

At the heart of what we do is collective bargaining. This means we stand together as a group, which gives us power when it comes to negotiating contracts or holding lawmakers accountable to ensure they support pro-education policies.

For Your Benefits

The union offers contract protection, higher earnings, access to affordable health care, retirement security — and more.

For Your Profession

NYSUT gives you a voice with lawmakers and policymakers to improve your workplace and profession.

For a Better World

As a union member, you are part of a community dedicated to each other and to making the world a better place.

For Your Rights

Your union is your partner in advocacy and legal representation.