Free Online Seminar For First-Year NYSUT Member Educators

NYSUT educators in their first year of membership are eligible for one free online seminar that will earn 5 CTLE hours. Please choose from the list below and complete the rest of the registration process.

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Classroom Communication

Participants will explore methods for engaging students in meaningful work, clarifying limits, facilitating student choice, and encouraging accurate communication.

Types of Learning Activities

This seminar focuses exclusively on types of learning activities that promote deep learning aligned with the goals of the lesson and allow students to exercise some choice.

Designing Lessons, Units and Learning Activities

Participants will examine how to create and differentiate learning activities that are tightly aligned to instructional outcomes and suitable to all students. 

Organizing the Physical Classroom

Participants will analyze needs and make adjustments to ensure a safe physical classroom environment including resources for classroom and student use.

This offer is limited to one free seminar per member. Discounted seminar registrations are limited; this offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Physical Therapy


Registration Process For New Members

This discount program is available exclusively to new NYSUT members who are in their first year of union membership. Successful registration requires access to your NYSUT member ID number and the creation of a My NYSUT account.

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Professional Learning

Through the NYSUT Education & Learning Trust, we offer a wide variety of affordable, flexible professional learning opportunities designed to help our members obtain CTLE and more.


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