New NYSUT Member Discount Program
Terms & Conditions

Open only to eligible NYSUT members. Membership must be verified before enrollment is accepted.

First-year NYSUT members (membership card signed in 2019) are limited to one (1) free online seminar. 

New NYSUT members in their 2nd through 5th years of membership (membership card signed 2015-2018) are limited to one seminar at 50% off.

When a request is submitted for approval, it is routed through an approval process configured by your organization. ELT will place you in the online seminar once the registration status is Approved.  

Registration is on a rolling admission basis. New registrations will be added every Monday. Information on how to access the online seminar will be sent via email by 5:00 pm on Monday. Online seminars require a reliable/stable, high-speed internet connection. They are offered on the Canvas and Moodle platforms. Access to the online seminars will require the creation of an account for the platform that is used. 

ELT is not responsible for payment reimbursement to participants who:

  • register for the same seminar twice
  • do not obtain prior approval for a seminar

Participants work at their own pace. They receive feedback and coaching from an experienced instructor. They will have a maximum of 30 days (for a 3, 5 or 8-hour seminar) from the day access is granted to complete all assignments.

Participants who successfully complete the requirements will receive a grade of Pass and a certificate of completion. If not, a grade of Fail will be entered in Frontline.

If you can no longer participate in this online seminar, please send a withdraw request to NYSUT ELT at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax to (518) 213-6456. There is no refund once the access information has been sent via email.

For questions, contact NYSUT Education & Learning Trust at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you see a red Attention Required message, that indicates there was an error in the submission of the form. This is most commonly caused by one of two conditions:

  1. The district’s approval form was not fully filled out. In that case, click the fix form button to complete all required fields on the district form and resubmit your request for enrollment and approval.
  2. The form is not properly configured to contain appropriate routing for your submission of the request. The district must be notified so that they can correct their form routing process.