Building Strong Parent-Teacher Relationships

Parental engagement influences student achievement 

Research shows that a teacher's role extends beyond the classroom.  

Research shows that parental engagement influences student achievement.

Teachers can play an important role in ensuring parents are involved in their child’s education by building a strong relationship with them and keeping open the lines of communication.

It’s not always easy, of course. But, it’s essential.

Whether it’s parent-teacher conferences, dealing with difficult personalities, overcoming language barriers and different cultures, or how to use social media to foster effective parental partnerships, we’ve rounded up a host of resources to help you.

Here’s advice from veteran teachers and education experts on how to establish those important relationships with your students’ parents and guardians.

Communication, Trust and Connecting.

National Education Association

While communication and trust are keys to fostering student success, connecting with parents still remains a struggle for many teachers. Here, classroom veterans offer their advice on how to engage parents.

Crossing Language Barriers

National Education Association

In diverse communities where there are language barriers and a variety of cultures, working with, and engaging, parents takes some creativity and thinking outside the box. Here are some ideas:

'Eight P's' to Parental Engagement

National Education Association

Studies show that parent engagement is directly tied to student success. Learn the ‘Eight Ps’ to increasing parent engagement.

Connecting Outside the Classroom

AFT: Share My Lesson

Building relations in your classroom is essential for student success. But just as important is building relationships outside your classroom — with parents and guardians.

20 Ways to Connect


Here are 20 ways to help you connect and build relationships with your students’ parents.

Ensuring Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences


Looking for ways to ensure your Parent-Teacher Conferences are successful endeavors? Check out these strategies:

Social Media and Building Relationships with Parents

Education World

In the information age, social media can be an instrumental tool in building relationships with your students’ parents.

Expert Tips: Communicating with Parents


Communication with parents is an essential part of teaching. Here’s a list of helpful suggestions from experienced educators.

How do I deal with a 'challenging' parent?


All teachers deal — at some point in their career — with “difficult” parents. Here’s some advice from veteran teachers on managing challenging relationships that educators — especially new teachers — may find helpful.

Open-House Jitters? Fear not!


Open-House jitters? Fear not. Here’s some ways to ensure meeting night with parents goes off without a hitch.

Top tips: Parental Engagement

The Guardian

From having parents come in to speak about their jobs to sending postcards home, education experts share advice on parental engagement.

Engage parents about successes, not just concerns


Providing consistent feedback to your students’ parents is essential for building a successful relationship. But don’t only reach out to parents when there are problems; reach out, too, when there’s success.